Ticks are an emerging issue in North east Ohio. Not only are they just gross, but they transmit life threatening diseases.

How do you know if your pet is at risk? Most pets that spend time outdoors are at risk of being exposed. Especially areas with wildlife, long grass, woods, or parks.

Animals that live on well manicured lawns, spend little time outdoors, and dont travel, are at lowest risk.

Many products are labeled for ticks, but only kill them once they bite. It is important to avoid the bite all together. There are two products for dogs that we recommend that repel and kill ticks before they attach.

Product recommendations for dogs

Seresto Collars for Dogs: The seresto collar protects against fleas and ticks for 8 months. It stays on the pet so you do not have to remember a monthly dosing schedule. It is safe to have this product on your pet if you also have children or cats.

It is odorless and has break away safety feature.

Nexgard chewable: Nexgard is ideal for dog owners that prefer no topical products on their pets. This product is chewable and dogs love the taste. It is affective against fleas and ticks for one month. 

Product recommendations for cats:

Serestio collars for cats, is the only product that is safe for cats. The collar lasts for 8 months, and has break away safety features. 

Do not use any over the counter flea and tick products on cats without consulting with your veterinarian first. 

There are ways to prevent ticks in your yard as well. 

  • Keep grass cut short.
  • If you have wooded area or field around your yard, keep an 8 foot wide zone of plain mulch between the borders.
  • Use a lawn spray labeled against ticks