Feeding Your Cat

Recommendations for what to feeds cats has changed so much over the years. It's hard know what is best from just browsing the pet store aisles. There are so many options, canned dry, brands, grain free ect. What is truly the best to feed your pet?


Canned food is generally the recommended form of food for cats. It is highest in moisture, and that's something cats really benefit from. Cats on dry foods don't tend to drink enough to really dilute the urine to a healthy level. Canned food helps flush out a lot of the grit and crystals cats tend to produce in the bladder. It's great for bladder and kidney health.

It used to be thought that canned food was bad for cats teeth. We have found this to be untrue, with little difference between cats that eat canned and dry foods unless specifically designed for dental health.

What brands do we recommend though? Well, that is something that should be discussed with your pets doctor as every pet is different. However assuming the cat has no health problems we prefer canned diets that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Some health issue like kidney or bladder disease might change diet recommendations so a physical exam before changing is always best.

Carbohydrates of lower then 10% are best but lower is better. Some have 0%. Protein should be higher then 40% with some as high as 54%. Remember that cats are strict carnivores unlike dogs so as close to a mouse in a can we can get is the best! Prey animals are in high protein and have low to no carbs, with high moisture. That is the model for the best diet.

But cats are cats, and some will just not eat canned food. It is so important that your cat doesn't stop eating, especially overweight cats, so if she refuses canned you must relent and feed dry. There are some dry foods that are trying very hard to help these cats. The grain free movement has produced many dry foods that are also high protein and low in carbs, although not as much so as canned. However your cat wont get the benefit of the moisture in canned food, so keep offering canned. Maybe one day, your cat just might like it.