Inpatient/Treatment Department

Inpatient Overview: (all under the supervision of a DVM)

Inpatient Overview – Duties will vary based on RVT license – All under the supervision of a DVM

  • Administer oral drugs, give injections, wound dressings and fluid therapy

  • Perform routine laboratory analyses, including hematology, serology, blood, chemistry and urinalysis

  • Prepare cultures for bacteriological examination

  • Provide client education regarding condition, diagnostics & therapies, home care, medication administration, etc.

  • Maintain logs, records and correspondence necessary to activities and equipment

  • Take and record radiographs

  • Receive hospitalized and transfer patients

  • Prepare and send out outside lab tests ; notify doctor of lab results

  • Ability to place IV catheters, provide fluids, and monitor administration

  • Ability to perform toe nail trims, express anal glands, wing and beak trims

  • Ability to assist DVM with compliant/non-compliant patients in treatment and exam rooms

  • Ability to obtain vital signs, accurate weights and temperatures

  • Have knowledge of medical terminology and all vaccinations kept in the hospital

  • Ability to assist DVM with euthanasia, body care, cremations, saves, paw prints, cards and plaques

  • Ability to obtain urine, fecal and ear debris samples

  • Ability to prep sites for minor surgeries

Physical Demands:

1.      Ability to lift 35# without assistance

2.     Ability to open/close various types of containers with or without tools

3.     Ability to use a step ladder or stool

4.     Ability to reach above your head with arms stretched holding product

5.     Ability to bend down or squat or use stairs to basement

6.     Ability to walk the various types of terrain around the facility


Special Characteristics:

  1. Excellent communication skills with the ability to explain and relay information with all those contacted throughout the course of the work day.

  2. Excellent documentation skills

  3. Excellent organizational skills

  4. Diplomatic social skills to maintain the highest level of cooperation team members in other areas of the hospital.  .

  5. Motivated to the highest level of customer satisfaction

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