Outpatient Overview:

  • Give injections exclusive of anesthetic agents under direct supervision of the doctor
  • Perform routine laboratory analyses, including hematology, serology, blood chemistry and urinalysis
  • Monitor anesthetized patients
  • Administer oral drugs, wound dressings and fluid therapy under the direct supervision of a doctor
  • Prepare cultures for bacteriological examination
  • Perform emergency procedures including: control bleeding; administer parenteral fluids and pharmacological agents under veterinary supervision; resuscitate with oxygen; perform external cardiac massage; apply temporary bandages or splints; provide external supportive treatment of wounds, burns and heat prostration
  • Provide client education regarding nutrition, parasite control, vaccination protocols, spaying and neutering and other topics
  • Counsel clients regarding home care, medication administration, post-operative care
  • Maintain all logs and records corresponding to necessary activities and equipment 
  • Take and record radiographs
  • Fill prescriptions and prepare medications as prescribed by veterinarian 
  • Enter services proceed in Impromed and/or medical record
  • Receive hospitalized and transfer patients
  • Prepare and send out outside lab tests
  • Notify doctor of lab results
  • Clean and sterilize instruments
  • Ability to place IV catheters, provide fluids and monitor administration
  • Ability to perform toe nail trims, express anal glands, wing and beak trims
  • Have knowledge of general medical terminology
  • Ability to assist the veterinarian with compliant/non-compliant patients in exam rooms 
  • Ability to obtain vital signs, accurate weights and temperatures
  • Have knowledge of all vaccinations kept in hospital
  • Possess knowledge of worming medications and dosing
  • Ability to assist the staff veterinarians with euthanasia’s, cremations, saves, sympathy cards and plaques
  • Possess knowledge of microchipping
  • Ability to obtain urine, fecal and ear debris samples
  • Ability to prep sites for minor surgeries
  • Ability to go over contents of puppy and kitten kits with clients 
  • Ability to start and maintain SOAP procedure prior and while in appointment with patient and veterinarian 

Special Characteristics:

  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to explain and relay information with all those contacted throughout the course of the work day
  • Excellent documentation and organizational skills
  • Diplomatic social skills to maintain the highest level of cooperation between team members in other areas of the hospital
  • Motivated to the highest level of customer satisfaction and patient care 

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