Caring is our business

Caring is our business

We’re made up of animal experts, owners, and lovers, and we take the needs of your pets as seriously as we do with our own.

We’re made up of animal experts, owners, and lovers, and we take the needs of your pets as seriously as we do with our own.

  • Doctors

  • A 1986 graduate of The Ohio State University and co-owner of Animal Hospital, Inc. He is married, the father of three children, and has both cats and dogs. Dr. Murray’s hobbies include snow skiing, physical fitness, road biking and playing the bagpipes.  He is on the board of directors of the Willoughby Rotary and is a member of the Willoughby Black Sheep Pipes and Drum band.

    Dr. Scott Murray


  • A 1986 graduate of The Ohio State University who grew up in Cleveland, Dr. Dennis has been co-owner of Animal Hospital Inc. since 1991. She is the mother of three young adults, and enjoys perennial gardening and training and showing her adorable Corgis.

    Dr. Debbie Dennis


  • A 1999 graduate of The Ohio State University, Dr Barnhizer began practice at AHI that same year. Raised in Bainbridge, Dr. Barnhizer is married with two children and has many cats and dogs (and two horses!). Her professional interest include; ophthalmology and ultrasound. She is an accomplished competitive amateur dressage rider, and in her spare time enjoys dancing, hiking, and spending time with her family.

    Dr. Megan Barnhizer

  • A 2007 graduate of the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Johnston joined Animal Hospital Inc. in 2008. Her professional interests include internal medicine & exotic species medicine, especially regarding sugar gliders. She is married with two daughters & has two dogs & two cats.. In her spare time she enjoys running & hiking with her husband.

    Dr. Jennifer Drake Johnston

  • Introducing Dr. Christine Hadley. A 2013 graduate of Michigan State University. She is married with one dog, one cat and many chickens. Her interests include many areas of veterinary medicine and supporting the human-animal bond. She enjoys hiking, cross country skiing, camping and spending time with family.

    Dr. Christine Hadley

  • Client Care Representatives

  • Ali joined us March 6, 2006.  She is married with 2 beautiful daughters.  She has 2 dogs; The Gooch and Beau and 2 cats Oscar and Sassy Pants. She enjoys spending time with her family and raising Down Syndrome Awareness.


  • Bethany joined our AHI family, May 18, 2009.  She is married and has 2 Australian cattle dogs, Dipper and Daisy Mae. She enjoys doing agility with Daisy and camping, fishing and hiking with her Husband.


  • Janet joined the AHI family March 21, 2005.  She is married and has 2 children, 2 cats and a dog. She enjoys photography, playing the bass and watching her kids’ extracurricular activities.


  • Michelle is an Registered Veterinary Technician and has been with AHI since July 28, 1996.  She graduated from Columbus State University. She is married and has 3 children. She has dog, a cat and several birds and fish. She loves to travel with her family and be outdoors, and her weakness is ice cream!


  • Janet joined AHI September 19, 2011.  She lives with her fiancé and their four legged children; Tigger, Toby, Genevieve and Jet.  She enjoys relaxing at home, reading and gardening in her spare time.


  • Kristal joined us February 20, 2013.  She has one dog Lyla.  She enjoys spoiling her, riding motorcycles and traveling.


  • Mary joined our staff November 2016.  She enjoys spending time with her family and puppy,  Zoey.   


  • Dani started with Animal Hospital January 18, 2017. She has an Associates of Arts degree from Lakeland Community College. She has always had a passion for animals, she has had cats her whole life along with several gerbils, hamsters and fish. Currently she has a cat, Snowball. She enjoys playing guitar, hiking and cooking.


  • Carissa joined Animal Hospital on December 5, 2016. She has four cats, Ser Pounce, Lilly, Smudge and Sam. She also has a quarter horse, Bella. She completed the Veterinary Assistant program at Lakeland Community College and is looking forward to being a part of the veterinary field.


  • Denise joined us in June 2017. She has two Chihuahuas, Buddy and Bella and a cat Boo. In her spare time she enjoys camping, fishing, hiking and spending time with her family.


  • Kristy joined us in July of 2017. She has two dogs, Juno and Archie. In her spare time she enjoys karaoke and eating. She is currently pursuing a degree in graphic design.


  • In-Patient Care / Surgery

  • Joined us September 1, 2005.  She is married, has a daughter named Ashley and an adorable grandbaby!  She has one dog, Samantha and a cat, Grey Grey.  In her spare time, Deb enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, cycling, swimming and snuggling with her pets.


  • Shelley has been with AHI since March 19, 1997.  She has a wonderful family included many nieces and nephews, and three cats named Josie, Dozer and Ruby.  She enjoys running, spending time with her family and continues her care for animals into her down time by helping those in her community.


  • Jennifer has been with AHI since February 7, 2005. She is married and has 4 dogs, 1 cat and 2 rabbits. She enjoys running and horseback riding. She is currently enrolled in school to become a registered veterinary technician.



  • Megan joined us February 4, 2013.  as a recent RVT graduate of Stautzenberger College. She has Tucker, a rescue German shepherd and a rescue kitty, Sven. She enjoys reading, hiking, refurbishing furniture and cooking. She has a special interest in Schutzhand training, military and working dogs.


  • Nikkie joined us August 31, 2015.  She is married with 2 boys, ages 6 and 4. She has one dog Molly, and three cats Neno, Tiburcio and Theodore. She enjoys reading fiction novels and hiking in the metroparks. She recently became an RVT through Stautzenberger College, with aspirations to specialize in surgery or emergency and critical care.


  • Has been with AHI since August 18, 1994. She is a certified canine massage practitioner & an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator. She is a member of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America & The United Schutzhund Club of America.  She enjoys training & show dogs, motor sports racing & gardening.  She & her husband share their lives with their three magnificent Dobermans.


  • Alana joined us November 8, 2001. She has an adorable daughter, Lyla, a dog, Fredo and a dove, Sammy. She enjoys painting and reading.


  • Deb joined Animal Hospital July 2016.  In her spare time, she enjoys making jewelry, and spending time with her Husband and four legged kids, Meesha, Cody and Odin.


  • Lauren joined AHI in May 2017. She is married with a beautiful baby girl. She has four adorable cats and a dog named Coco. She enjoys reading, cooking and being with her family.


  • Jennifer joined us in May 2017. She became an RVT in 2015 through the Vet Tech Institute at Bradford. She has two chinchillas named Hermes and Morpheus. She enjoys volunteering at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and being a member of the Cleveland chapter of the American Association of Zookeepers. She has a great interest in learning more about exotic medicine.


  • Amanda joined us July 2017. She has 2 cats, Boomer and Meatball. In her spare time she enjoys reading, going to concerts, traveling, hiking and baking.


  • Pharmacy

  • Theresa is an RVT and started her career at AHI December 3, 2001.  After a few different roles in the Hospital, she is currently our Hospital Pharmacy Manager.  She is married with two wonderful children, Alivia and Garrett, a rescue dog named Winston and two guinea pigs.  She enjoys reading, spending time with her family, running and rescuing senior golden retrievers.


  • Out-Patient Care

  • Bianca has been with AHI since June 3, 2011.  She has a fiancé named Ben and a beautiful daughter named Aubrey.  Her family is also completed by her dog Ferris and her four cats; Parker, Promise, Olive and Stoli.  She enjoys fostering kittens, working with her 1+works team and spending time with her daughter.


  • Tiffany has been with AHI since December 23, 2002.  She is married and has a beautiful daughter, 4 dogs, 4 cats, various farm animals, exotics, reptiles and pocket pets. She enjoys farming, saltwater reef tanks and breeding registered dwarf goats. She has a special interest in exotic animal health and husbandry.


  • Emily started her time with AHI November 10, 2015.   She enjoys time with her Mom, Dad, four sisters, two brothers and numerous nieces and nephews.  She has a wonderful mix of pets including a dog, three cats, a ball python,  tarantulas and assassin bugs.  In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, reading, photography, film, sports, hula-hooping and local dining and culture. Her professional interests include animal rights, wildlife, conservation and preservation and she is an advocate for pet adoption.


  • Sabrina joined the AHI family May 10, 2013.  She has 2 sisters and 2 dogs, Maci and Hope. She enjoys photography, refurbishing furniture and doing search and rescue.


  • Alyson joined the AHI family February 18, 2013.  She shares her time at AHI with Out Patient Care, Pharmacy Technician as well as being a Client Care Representative. She enjoys foster kittens, going to the movies with her God Daughter and going to the salon.


  • Kayla just joined Animal Hospital on March 20, 2017. She graduated high school a year early while getting her first year of college done at the same time! She is very interested in learning all about cars. She loves to read, travel and spending time with loved ones.


  • Keirsten joined us in June 2017. She has six cats, Starfire, Ghost, Spade, Luna, Kitten and Gandalf and two dogs, PJ and Pudge. In her spare time she enjoys reading, walking her cat Spade and her dogs and camping.


  • Jess joined AHI in July 2017. She is married and has 4 dogs and 3 cats. She is originally from Ohio but recently moved back from Texas.  In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and reading.


  • Resort Staff

  • Ashley started AHI June 29, 2007.  She is married and has a handsome son and a beautiful daughter!  Her family is completed by her dog, Brutus, and her three cats; Snickel Fritz, Loki and Leo.  She enjoys spending time with her children, cosmetology and country music concerts.


  • Nicole joined the AHI family December 19, 2011  is married and has an adorable daughter, Kiley, and Bernese mountain dog named Layla. She enjoys interior decorating, movies and spending time with her daughter and Husband.


  • Katie has been apart of the AHI family since January 27, 2014.  She has 3 labradors- Titan, Opie, and Hercules. She enjoys baking and running.


  • Morgan joined our AHI family in May this year.  She is a 2016 graduate of Malone University with a bachelors in Zoo and Wildlife Biology.   She has worked for the Indianapolis Zoo, SeaWorld in Orlando, and the Greater Cleveland Aquarium.  Most recently, for Healing Waters Canine Experience.


  • Michelle joined Animal Hospital September 2015.  She has two dogs named Eddie and Brooklyn and a love bird named Jacob.  She enjoys spending time with her family including her mom, dad, brother, sister in law and nephew as well as drawing, sketching and sports.  Her professional interests include aspiring to be a Veterinary Scribe with Animal Hospital.


  • Myia joined Animal Hospital in January 2017. She's a senior in high school and planning on pursuing a career with animals. She has a dog named Thor and a cat, Tiggs. She enjoys helping animals and music.


  • Evan joined Animal Hospital July 2017. She has a dog named Muddy and one cat at home named Kiara. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing and watching movies. She enjoys traveling and learning new things.


  • Melissa joined us in July 2017. She has two dogs, Ruby and Maddie and one cat, Sunny. In her spare time she enjoys reading and art, she also plays competitive volleyball.


  • Elizabeth joined AHI in August 2017. She has two children Savannah and Noah and three dogs, Jake, Abby and Morty. In her spare time she enjoys donating to local shelters and spreading traumatic brain injury awareness. She also just recently started the process of fostering dogs.


  • Talia joined AHI in August 2017. She has one dog, Erik, a cairn terrier mix. She enjoys reading, horseback riding, couponing, hiking with Erik and spending time with her boyfriend and family.


  • Jan joined us March 1, 2012.  She has 2 adult daughters, 3 grandchildren and 2 dogs. She enjoys gardening and watching and cheering on Cleveland sports teams.


  • Nora joined us November 15, 2007.  She is married with 2 children and has 2 dogs. She enjoys cooking and getting her kids to eat healthy foods!


  • Jacquie joined AHI  September 21, 2009.  She has 2 fur babies, Mario and Coco. She enjoys churning homemade ice cream.


  • Administration

  • Kelli joined Animal Hospital Inc. in 1998. She is married and has two children, two beagles, and two turkeys. Kelli has a certificate In Veterinary Practice Administration from Purdue University and from Patterson University’s Veterinary Management Institute. In her spare time she enjoys spending time outdoors and with her family.

    Kelli Sue Kerwin, CVPM

    Hospital Administrator

  • Kathryn has been with the AHI family since September 20, 2004.  She is married and has 2 handsome sons and a dog named Hobbes. She enjoys running, reading and continuing to grow her non-profit, Joggin’ for the Noggin’ a 5k she directs & co-founded toraise funds for brain cancer research.


    Practice Manager

  • Renee joined Animal Hospital March 1, 1999.  Renee enjoys spending time with her family which includes her two sisters, brother, 2 nieces and her nephew.  She also enjoys reading, cross stitching, and collecting anything Wizard of Oz. She also has an adorable cat named Babes!


    Executive Assistant

  • Doctors

  • Client Care Representatives

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