Training is far more than teaching your dog to sit or lie down. Training is all about the bond that develops between an owner, or a family, and the dog. When that bond does not develop properly there is dissatisfaction with the dog and a high risk of relinquishment or euthanasia. Humans do not read the body language of dogs very well, and dogs really do not understand what we are asking of them. Positive reinforcement and consistency are the keystones of a good bond. Dogs are eager to learn what to do if they are taught in a pleasant and rewarding way. Undesirable behavior to us is often natural canine behavior. Sniffing privates is a way dogs say “hello” and treats are always in the litter box! A sense of humor is always helpful.

Our veterinary staff often counsels clients when they first acquire a new dog or puppy at the first check-up. We encourage questions about behavior and house training during these visits. The next step is puppy class. In Puppy Class, Kitten Stapel provides an informal setting for puppies to meet new people and other puppies in a controlled environment. Clients learn how to manage the environment to help puppies do what is desired and to distract them from what is not. As puppies grow, they find new ways to entertain themselves by chewing up homework and woodwork or getting into the garbage. Some of these games are a nuisance, but others can be life threatening. The Under 6 Month Puppy Class gives owners constructive ways to spend time with their dogs and teach them the manners required to live happily with their human families. Often the biggest step is teaching the owner to catch the dog doing something right and to reward that behavior consistently. Kitten has been teaching puppy and dog obedience classes for over 15 years, and is a certified Canine Good Citizen evaluator and Certified Canine Massage Practitioner.

Older dogs often come in with pre-existing issues and owner communication problems. Training can be a tremendous relief, as owners see they are in good company and begin to see improvement. Our instructors teach Basic Obedience, as well as the Intermediate and Advanced/Competitive Levels.

Whether you are just starting out or ready for hand signal training, our instructors will teach you how to improve your body language to better communicate what is desired behavior to your dog.

Our goal is to nurture the bond between owner and dog, which makes life more enjoyable for all concerned.

All Obedience Training Classes are subject to change. Please call (440) 946-2800 for current pricing and to confirm class dates and times.

FREE Puppy Kindergarten Night / Level 1 Class (Kitten Stapel)

Level 2 / AKC Good Citizen Class (Kitten Stapel)- For puppies/ dogs that have completed the Level 1 class, 8 week session

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